Juliette Mapp Engages Students, FSU History Professor and Labor Union Representative

As part of her research for The Making of Americans Mapp engaged with the Tallahassee community as well as FSU scholars and students. Mapp's work at MANCC was based on her family of Albanian immigrants who settled in Gary, Indiana after the Second World War to work in America’s largest steel mill. As part of obtaining a solid historical context Mapp met with Dr. Suzanne Sinke an Associate Professor who specializes in migration and gender studies in the FSU History Department. Mapp and Dr. Sinke discussed the historical influences that may have impacted Gary Indiana and it's residence after the Second World War. Gary Indiana and Mapp's immigrant family were heavily influenced by the rise of labor unions which was the topic of her second Entrypoint discussion with Dr. Rich Templin the Legislative and Political Director for the Florida American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). In addition to exploring issues related to her work in development Mapp discussed her choreographic process and selection of creative collaborators with FSU Dance Students during her discussion with the MANCC class taught by Dr. Jennifer Atkins.


Juliette Mapp and collaborators talk with Dr. Atkin's MANCC Class.
(L to R) Molly Leiber, John Jesurun, Juliette Mapp, Jennifer Atkins.