Ann Carlson and Mary Ellen Strom Provide Insight

MANCC and the Center for Creative Research (CCR) at NYU worked together to provide an illuminating dialogue opportunity through SKYPE for MANCC Choreographic Fellow Katie Faulkner with CCR Founding Fellow Ann Carlson. 

Faulkner's residency focused on research strategies integrating video, choreography, and community into her current site-specific work, BRINK, to be built in partnership with the city of San Francisco. She and her collaborator, Media Artist, Michael Trigilio were in the early stages of working together and sought the advice of Ann Carlson and Mary Ellen Strom, who have extensive working knowledge of community-based arts practice and collaboration. Strom and Carlson offered strategic advice regarding the nature of collaborative relationships, issues surrounding site selection / installation, and the delicate balance between the artist's and the community's authorship of the site. In addition to sharing their collective wisdom, Strom and Carlson offered invaluable encouragement and support for Faulkner's decision to work in a new artistic direction.

After the session concluded, Faulkner reflected upon the “need for intergenerational dialogue between artists,” and the myriad ways in which this mentorship opportunity would leave a lasting mark on her creative research and the development of BRINK.