Faye Driscoll Engages Scholar, Students and Local Musicians

As a MANCC Choreographic Fellow (March 16 - 31, 2011) Faye Driscoll engaged with an FSU Scholar, FSU School of Dance students and local Tallahassee musicians in her research Entrypoints. In an attempt to uncover the processes that shake up the notion of self and lead to transformation, Driscoll and performer Jesse Zarrit met with Psychology Professor and Director of FSU Women’s Studies Dr. Joyce Carbonell. Driscoll, Zarrit and Carbonell discussed issues of gender, gender transformation and male/female roles in relation Driscoll's work in progess. In addition, Driscoll partnered with FSU dance students to investigate the question ‘What is the power of real transformation?’ The students that worked with Driscoll were taking a course offered by FSU School of Dance Professor Jen Atkins whose focus is the examination of MANCC visiting artist's work. Driscoll and her collaborators turned one of the School of Dance studios into a “transformation booth” where students could explore transforming themselves. Finally, Composer and Musician Brandon Wolcott worked with Driscoll and local Tallahassee musicians to explore the sound and multimedia aspects of the work-in-progress.


Tallahassee musicians Caleb Selman, Forest Lee and Jaime Santana work with Driscoll and Wolcott.