FSU scholars discuss Baroque period and court dance with Yanira Castro


While Castro was in residence in October 6-16 to further the development of "Court/Garden", she met with two distinguished Baroque scholars from FSU’s Art History department and the School of Music. Art Historian Dr. Robert Neuman, who specializes in the art and architecture of the Baroque period, offered insight into the way interior and exterior space was used for performance. Neuman described the way that portraiture established and upheld the extremely codified social structure. Additionally, he directed Castro towards a series of paintings that became the foundation for a video that was created during the residency as a potential live feed idea during the performance.

Musicologist Dr. Charles Brewer was able to shed light on the music of The Canary, the court dance that inspired Castro’s movement vocabulary. The Canary has both a 17th and 18th Century version and Dr. Brewer interpreted the time signatures in the music, which helped solidified the length of the dances (3.5 min -- the length of a pop song). His explanation provided one clear link between the two centuries.