What Production Company, George Clinton’s Recording Studio, assists in ELECTROGYNOUS Research



grimes and collaborators at George Clinton's recording studio What Production Company

While in residence at MANCC, d. Sabela grimes and his collaborators visited What Production Company where musician George Clinton records. Having the opportunity to immerse themselves in the funk sensibility of Parliament Funkadelic deepened the exploration of the themes and possibilities of grimes work, ELECTROGYNOUS. The group met with engineer Barry Epperson, along with several other musicians working at the studio. They were given a tour of the space, witnessed recording in progress and also listened to new Parliament music yet to be released. The group was particularly inspired by what they heard. In fact, d. Sabela and writer/performer Ursula Rucker shared some of their vocal work, providing a poignant moment of exchange between artists. grimes was also quite interested in the unique artwork around the studio, some done George Clinton himself and others created by fans. The rich environment, rooted in funk, proved to be fertile ground for artists to learn about one another’s projects and share ideas about creating art.