MANCC Artists

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  • DaEun Jung works with Arletta Anderson and Tulsi Shah in rehearsal for <em>NORRI</em>
  • (L to R) Arletta Anderson, Tulsi Shah, Jack Ironstone, and Chantal Cherry in rehearsal for <em>NORRI</em>
  • Anderson and Ironstone in <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • Anderson, Cherry, Shah, and Ironstone in rehearsal
  • Jung working with dancers in <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • Melody H. Shim leading a vocal exercise with dancers, and collaborators in <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • Jung and collaborators, Melody H. Shim and Daniel Corral
  • Writer-in-Residence, Ajani Brannum, during <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • DaEun Jung meets with FSU Professor of Interdisciplinary Mathematics, Dr Malbor Asllani
  • Mariah Preedin (MANCC staff), and MANCC Intern, Emmett Higgins work with Stage Manager<br>Amanda Eno (right) to prepare for <em>NORRI</em> showing
  • Jung and dancers in <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • Ironstone, Cherry, Shah, and Anderson in <em>NORRI</em> rehearsal
  • Jung, Writer-in-Residence Ajani Brannum, and Stage Manager Amanda Eno
  • Jung, dancers, and musician, Daniel Corall, prepare for <em>NORRI</em> showing
  • Jung, dancers, and musician, Daniel Corall, prepare for <em>NORRI</em> showing
  • Musician, Daniel Corall, and dancers in vocal recording session
  • Corall, and Farai Malianga (FSU Faculty), record vocals
  • Melody H. Shim during vocal recording session


Featured Artist

Faye Driscoll

February 22 - 24
Carolina Performing
Arts, UNC Chapel Hill


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