PHILADANCO (The Philadelphia Dance Company) is a nonprofit organization that presents the highest quality of professional dance performance and improves the skills of emerging and professional dancers and choreographers in a nurturing environment, while increasing the appreciation of dance among its many communities. Across the nation and around the world, PHILADANCO is celebrated for its innovation, creativity and preservation of predominantly African-American traditions in dance. 

Founded in 1970, PHILADANCO has a legacy of breaking barriers and building bridges across cultural divides, consistently performing for audiences representing an amalgamation of people from diverse communities. 

PHILADANCO is recognized for its artistic integrity, superbly trained dancers and electrifying performances. Inherent in our mission is a commitment to empowering youth with crucial leadership and development skills that facilitate achievement and success in the world of dance and everyday life.

Free to Rep | February 5 – 19, 2006


While in residence, PHILADANCO focused on movement and choreographic exploration with four choreographers who had not been previously commissioned by the company. The primary goal of the two-week program was to encourage artistic exploration in a supportive environment void of the usual time and financial constraints surrounding many commissioning structures.

"I think my dancers may have gotten the most out of it...being immersed in dance all day long with four different artists. They rarely get to do that because company life is a lot of rehearsing and performing. When we resumed our tour, the were actually better equipped from the experience." -Joan Myers Brown, Founder/Executive Artistic Director, PHILADANCO

During their residency, PHILADANCO also offered a lecture demonstration at Florida A&M University discussing the company's history and offering a sampling of their repertory to nearly 700 school school children, prior to performing at FSU's performing arts festival Seven Days of Opening Nights.

PHILADANCO Company Members in Residence: Joan Myers Brown [Founder/Executive Artistic Director], Ahmad N. Lenons, Bellamy F. Eure, Corey Baker, Devin Roberts, Elisabeth H. Bell, Erin Barnett, Erin Moore, Gary W. Jeter II, Jay Staten, Miguell Edson, Mora-Amina Parker, Mykal D. Lowry II, Neda Y. Ebrahimi, Odara N. Jabali-Nash, Richard Weet, Tommie Evans, Tracey Vogt [dancers]

Choreographers: Anouk van Dijk, Bridget Moore, Uri Sands, and Takèhiro Ueyama

Choreographic Mentor: Urban Bush Women

Featured Artist

Faye Driscoll

February 22 - 24
Carolina Performing
Arts, UNC Chapel Hill


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