Milka Djordjevich

Milka Djordjevich is a choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Los Angeles whose work draws from a variety of compositional strategies to question preconceived notions of what dance should or should not be. Her work has been shown at several venues including REDCAT, Pieter, Machine Project, LAX Festival, LA Dance Platform, Showbox LA/Bootleg Theater and HomeLA (Los Angeles); the Kitchen, Dance Theater Workshop, the 2010 Whitney Biennial, the American Realness Festival, the Chocolate Factory Theater and Danspace Project (New York); Counterpulse, The Garage and BAMFA (Bay Area); PICA’s TBA: 18 (Portland, OR); Uferstudios and Fabrik Potsdam (Germany); Bitef, Kondenz Festival, Nov.ples Festival (Serbia); Locomotion Festival (Macedonia); Artdanthe (Paris); WUK and Toihaus Theatre (Austria); Solo in Azione Festival (Italy); Gateshead International Festival of Theatre (UK), among others. She has received funding from The Suitcase Fund, the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Center for Cultural Innovation, as well as residencies at CAP UCLA/Los Angeles Performance Practice, Fabrik Potsdam, PACT-Zollverein, Workspace Brussels, ARC Pasadena, LMCC Swingspace and Abrons Arts Center. Djordjevich was a 2006-2007 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence, a 2008/2010 danceWEB Europe Scholar and a 2017-2018 Princeton University Hodder Fellow. Djordjevich has twice served as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the UC Riverside Dance Department and has taught at UC Irvine, AMDA, CalArts, Pomona College, Movement Research and PICA. Djordjevich received a B.A. from UCLA and an M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College.

Choreographic Fellow | Site Visit March 28 - 31, 2019 // May 6 - 17, 2019 // 2020 - 2021


Los Angeles-based choreographer Milka Djordjevich returns to MANCC, currently via remote means, to further her work CORPS, which she previously developed at MANCC during a March 2019 site-visit and May 2019 residency. An evening length work, CORPS examines labor and the feminine body through the lens of regimented movement, and reveals similarities across traditional, militaristic, ritual, athletic, and folk movement forms.
Currently receiving remote support from MANCC in the forms of documentation, research, and logistics, Djordjevich is in the process of creating a handbook that serves as a companion to the work to include a glossary of movement to allow for transparency around its various origins, as well as primer activities for audience members to engage with the work in other ways. Additionally, Djordjevich will engage in conversations with her collaborators that will be transcribed for partial inclusion in the handbook. MANCC looks forward to hosting Djordjevich and collaborators for an in-person residency when it is safe to do so.

Djordjevich’s 2019 residency built upon information gleaned through her site-visit in which she met with Sergeant Major Russell Brown, Senior Marine Instructor of JROTC at Leon High School. She also attended the Springtime Tallahassee Parade, as well as FAMU’s Green and Orange spring football game, which featured performances by The Marching 100 and FAMU Diamond Dancers.

As a continuation of her site-visit research, Djordjevich returned to Leon High School in May 2019, this time with her collaborators where they all attended the JROTC course led by Sergeant Major Russell Brown and Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Reaves. Alongside students, the dancers learned basic drill commands and movements that they were then able to translate into their work in the studio. During this visit, Djordjevich met high school sophomore, Megan Steele, who was the 2018-2019 student leader of the drill team. Djordjevich and Steele later met separately to further discuss the choreographic aspects of drill routines and Steele also attended Djordjevich’s open rehearsal. Additionally, Djordjevich met with Dr. David Plack, Director of Athletic Bands at FSU.
In an effort to see an amplified version of the movement vocabulary, Djordjevich invited a group of seven FSU School of Dance students into rehearsal for a two hour block, during which they learned one of the work’s structures and its accompanying movement vocabulary. Djordjevich and her collaborators presented the work in progress in the format of an open rehearsal within the School of Dance, followed by discussion.

As part of MANCC’s Embedded Writers Initiative, writer Tim Reid joined the residency.
CORPS was set to premiere in Los Angeles in 2020 with additional performances at New York Live Arts in New York City, but the premiere has been postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Djordjevich’s 2019 site-visit and residency were supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Additionally, funds were provided by the Sustainable Arts Foundation, which allowed Djordjevich to bring a collaborator who is a parent artist into residence in 2019.


  • Milka Djordjevich's <i>CORPS</i> residency
  • Tiara Jackson
  • Laurel Atwell
  • Milka Djordjevich and Daeun Jung
  • devika wickremesinghe
  • <i>CORPS</i> residency
  • Milka Djordjevich, Allie Hankins and Dorothy Dubrule
  • Laurel Atwell and Dorothy Dubrule
  • Milka Djordjevich and Tim Reid, writer in residence
  • <i>CORPS</i> residency
  • <i>CORPS</i> open rehearsal for FSU and Tallahassee community
  • <i>CORPS</i> open rehearsal
  • <i>CORPS</i> open rehearsal
  • <i>CORPS</i> open rehearsal
  • Research with Leon High School JROTC's Gunnery Sergeant Anthony Reaves
  • Leon High School JROTC
  • Leon High School JROTC research
  • Leon High School JROTC research
  • Leon High School JROTC research
  • <i>CORPS</i> rehearsal
  • <i>CORPS</i> rehearsal
  • <i>CORPS</i> rehearsal
  • <i>CORPS</i> residency
  • Djordjevich works with FSU School of Dance students
  • Grad student, Giltrecia Head, during post-rehearsal discussion
  • Milka Djordjevich meets with Dr. David Plack, Director of Athletic Bands at FSU
  • Djordjevich meets with Dr. David Plack
  • Milka Djordjevich site-visit research at Springtime Tallahassee parade
  • Milka Djordjevich site-visit research at Springtime Tallahassee parade
  • Milka Djordjevich site-visit research at Springtime Tallahassee parade
  • Site-visit research to see the FAMU Diamonds
Collaborators in Residence: Laurel Atwell, Allie Hankins, Dorothy Dubrule, Tiara Jackson, Daeun Jung, devika wickremesinghe [Performers], Tim Reid [Writer]

World Premiere

Ananya Chatterjea

Fires of Lost Homes
September 25 & 26
The O'Shaughnessy


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