Milka Djordjevich

Milka Djordjevich is a choreographer whose work draws from a variety of compositional strategies to question preconceived notions of what dance should or should not be. Her work has been shown at many venues, including the Live Arts Exchange [LAX] Festival, REDCAT, Grand Performances, Pieter, the Hammer Museum, Machine Project, Showbox LA/Bootleg Theater, and HomeLA in Los Angeles; the Kitchen, the Chocolate Factory Theater, the Whitney Museum, the American Realness Festival, Dance Theater Workshop, and Danspace Project in New York; Counterpulse and the Berkeley Art Museum in Northern California; and internationally in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, and the UK. Djordjevich was a 2006-2007 Movement Research Artist-in-Residence, and a 2008/2010 danceWEB Europe Scholar, and she is currently a 2017-2018 Princeton University Hodder Fellow. Her Other past projects include serving as guest editor for Movement Research’s Critical Correspondence and initiating the Monday Morning Class series at Pieter. Djordjevich has co-authored works with composer Chris Peck, choreographer Dragana Bulut, designer Samuel Yang, and artist Marcos Luytens. She has twice served as Visiting Assistant Professor in the UC Riverside Dance Department and has taught at UC Irvine, CalArts, AMDA, Pomona College, Movement Research and PICA’s TBA: 15 Festival.

Visiting Artist | April 28 - May 9, 2018


Los Angeles-based choreographer, Milka Djordjevich comes to MANCC to develop her latest work CORPS, which examines labor and the feminine body through the lens of regimented movement, and reveals similarities across traditional, militaristic, ritual, athletic, and folk movement forms.

This evening-length work for six dancers will explore repetition and conformity in both individual and group formations, and will be accompanied by a complimentary video installation that expands the cast to include an additional twelve performers from youth drill teams. members and alumni of youth drill team, marching band, cheer and color guard, and others who have relationships to coordinated and compulsory movement. Chris Peck, one of Djordjevich’s long-standing collaborators, will compose an original score for the work using inspired by drum corps music, and will join Djordjevich in the residency.

Inspired by the collectivity of large regimented group formations, from ballet to majorette lines, Djordjevich examines how individualism becomes suppressed. Through repetition, she seeks to track how actions evolve and take on new meanings, exposing new perceptions of feminine forms. The work will draw out the idiosyncratic and virtuosic potential of minimalistic forms by building complexity through composite patterns that mutate and evolve. The movement language will blur the distinction between codified/uncodified, male/female, ordinary/extraordinary, center/margin and authentic/inauthentic and binary/non-binary. Over the course of the work, form is destabilized with increasingly complex and difficult movements, blurring the bounds of perfection and failure. The goal is to reveal the cyclical feminine labor of regimented movement forms and the impossibility of replication and perfection, while illuminating an innate resistance to erasure.

While at MANCC, Djordjevich and her collaborators will...

CORPS is set to premiere in Los Angeles in 2020 with additional performances at New York Live Arts in New York City.

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Collaborators in Residence: Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule, Tiara Jackson, Daeun Jung, devika wickremesinghe [Performers]

World Premiere

Kota Yamazaki

Darkness Odyssey
Part 3: Non-Opera,

April 3 - 6
New York Live
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