MANCC Artists

Choose from the artists below to preview their work at MANCC.

  • Karla Quintero, Gerald Casel, and Styles Alexander in residence for <em>Not About Race Dance</em>
  • Styles Alexander, Cauveri Suresh, Audrey Johnson, Gerald Casel, and Karla Quintero,
  • Audrey Johnson, Styles Alexander, Cauveri Suresh, and Karla Quintero
  • Audrey Johnson, Styles Alexander, Karla Quintero, Cauveri Suresh
  • Gerald Casel, Audrey Johnson, Karla Quintero, Cauveri Suresh, Styles Alexander
  • Suresh, Quintero, Casel, Johnson, and Alexander
  • Casel, Quintero, Suresh, Johnson, and Alexander
  • Tim Russell, Aron Altmark, Casel, and Suresh
  • Suresh, Casel, and Johnson
  • Alexander and Quintero
  • Styles Alexander
  • Johnson, Alexander, Suresh, and Casel
  • Casel and collaborators facilitating <em>Dancing Around Race</em> long table discussion
  • Gerald Casel and others during <em>Dancing Around Race</em> discussion


World Premiere

Julie Crothers

Holy Crap
June 23 – 25
ODC Theater (CA)


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