MANCC Artists

Choose from the artists below to preview their work at MANCC.

  • Fist and Heel Performance Group
  • Paul Hamilton
  • Raja Feather Kelly, Clement Mensah, Dwayne Brown
  • Reggie Wilson
  • FSU Student and Residency Apprentice Yeman Brown
  • Raja Feather Kelly
  • Lawrence A.W. Harding
  • FSU Residency Apprentice Yeman Brown rehearses with Fist and Heel Performance Group
  • Collaborators Paul Hamilton and Dr. Susan Manning with Reggie Wilson
  • <i>Moses(es)</i> rehearsal
  • <i>Moses(es)</i> rehearsal
  • <i>Moses(es)</i> rehearsal


World Premiere

Julie Crothers

Holy Crap
June 23 – 25
ODC Theater (CA)


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