MANCC Artists

Choose from the artists below to preview their work at MANCC.

  • <i>Written in Water</i> rehearsal
  • Aparna and Ranee observe Ramya Sundaresan-Kapadia rehearsing <i>Written in Water</i>
  • Ranee and Aparna Ramaswamy discuss the projection of the game board with FSU designer Zach Cramer
  • Aparna and Ranee experiment with projection ideas for <i>Written in Water</i>
  • Aparna and Ranee talk with the MANCC class about the underlying concepts in <i>Written in Water</i>
  • Ragamala collaborators play Paramapadam
  • Ragamala creates a game board on the floor of the studio to use in rehearsal
  • Musicians Lalit Subramanian and Anjna Swaminathan
  • Ranee Ramaswamy rehearses with Tamara Nadel
  • Ashwini Ramaswamy
  • Aparna and Ranee rehearse Ashwini Ramaswamy in <i>Written in Water</i>
  • FSU professors Svetla Slaveva-Griffin and Claudia Liebeskind discuss the themes of the work.


Featured Artist

Faye Driscoll

February 22 - 24
Carolina Performing
Arts, UNC Chapel Hill


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